Every two months, Wise Women will be hosting an evening with trailblazing women who have made incredible achievements in their field by following their dreams and making it against all odds. The evening will be hosted on the Wise Women Platform and is free to attend.

Upcoming Free Workshops

Tuesday, 18th June 2024
7pm UK time, on the Wise Women Platform
The first in the “Making it Happen” Series
VERDIGRIS - A Case Study with Patricia Kelly (writer/producer/director), Geraldine McAlinden (lead actress) & Tania Freimuth (Director of Photography)
With 5 IFTA Nominations, 6 Major Festival prizes and 10 Festival selections to date, this female supporting, ground breaking film is taking the world by storm.
Sharing their experiences on how they managed to create the multi-award-winning Irish feature film, the team will take us on the incredible journey taken to make VERDIGRIS a global success.

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