A few kind words from our international network

The experience has exceeded all of my expectations
A.J. - France

I didn't expect to meet women from so many continents without leaving the comfort of my own home.
D.M. - Canada

This was pure joy and a totally unexpected format.
K.B. - USA

This format is very good and I enjoyed meeting amazing women with a variety of life expeiences.
E.O. - Ireland

This whole experience was wonderfully uplifting with a very good energy.
R.G. - UK

I had no idea what to expect and was thrilled to meet incredible, inspiring people.
L.B. - France

It's wonderful to meet ladies from as far flug as; Ghana, Turkey, Sweden and Egypt.
S.N. - Italy

The positivity, energy and enthusiasm was incredible.
I.P. - Spain

It was fantastic to share cultural insights from people who have got so much to give.
R.B. - Turkey

At last I have been given the motivation to make the changes that are so long overdue.
K.M. - Wales

I was nervous at first but the experience was just so rewarding.
S.K. - Northern Ireland

When you live in North Africa, it's so important to be able to meet new people who inspire and encourage.
F.C. - Egypt