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Sambucha Kombucha

Raw, natural, and handcrafted Kombucha. Each 500ml bottle contains fermented and fair trade tea, fruit, and 2 grams of organic sugar. This probiotic arsenal of organic acids and active enzymes sustains the intestine, aids digestion and strengthens the immune system.

The Lindfield Kitchen

Having enjoyed a career in the film industry spanning 30 years, Natalie Curran’s passion for cooking led her to take a sabbatical and enrol at the renowned Leith’s School of Food and Wine in London. To her delight, she passed her chef’s course with a distinction and was encouraged by her tutor to consider taking her skills and love of cooking further. That seed planted, she re-furbished her kitchen for professional catering, took a small business course and enrolled at the Little Portland Cookery School to enhance her skills. After this, she quickly found work in professional kitchens such as Tom’s Food in Cuckfield as a freelance chef, and a year later she has opened her own boutique catering company THE LINDFIELD KITCHEN, creating delicious Mediterranean inspired food for sharing using seasonal, sustainable ingredients sourced from local partners.