Pinks is a 160-180 bpm DJ from London. Predominantly playing Drum & Bass and Jungle she focuses her selection on the heavy, dark, underground, with countless unheard dubs and dug-out gems from the depths of SoundCloud.

Aleksandra Nikolajev Jones

Serbian/Welsh Artist, Choreographer, Director & Producer for Theatre, TV & Film, Aleksandra delivers projects to empower health & wellbeing. Author of The Gravida Project, looks at the effect pregnancy has on movement, gravity, careers & creativity.

Wendy Young

Wendy is a writer/poet/performer from London. Aka ‘miserywithoomph’ or Purple Hazel - she hosts a weekly radio poetry and music/request show on

Stacey Cohen

Stacey Cohen is a music artist, producer/composer from the UK. Her music has been featured on BBC Introducing on several occasions. She loves composing to picture, & aims to make music for film and TV. She is currently working on a new album.

Janet Reeve, Poet

Janet took part in SHOUT 2022 Festival with a reading of the title poem from her collection – MAKE IT OKAY. Her quirky verse charts the joy, depression, pain, frivolity, greed, confusion and passion of a heart determined to remain open to love.

Ella Clayton

Ella Clayton is a songwriter and musician from East London. She released her debut album in 2022 and is making waves on the live music circuit in the UK.


Gifta is a French Drum and Bass DJ and producer based in London. Inspired by energetic and aggressive sounds, Gifta aims to bring the same vibe to her sets and music.

Margaret Ashley (Actress, Voice Over)

Margaret Ashley is an award winning British Female voice over artist & experinced actress, VO genres, games, commercials, corporates, explainer videos, audio guides, e-learning, IVR and audio dramas including Doctor Who. As an actress appearances in Coronation Street, The Bill, London's Burning, First Among Equals, The Ward, Wyatt's Watchdogs and Our John Willie and more.


Deedee is a queer, neuro-divergent performer and artist. Specialising in aerials and flow arts. Deedee eventually found herself using circus as emotional reguation as well as artistic stimulation for her adhd. Deedee works with many on the spectrum in the hope they get the same affects.